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Reignite Your Life is a course filmed for the Oprah Winfrey Network ($197 value!)

Brendon is one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. - O Magazine

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Forbes and Success magazines have both named Brendon Burchard "the world's leading high performance coach." He is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include High Performance Habits and The Motivation Manifesto.

Brendon advises and trains Olympians, Fortune 500 executives, mega successful entrepreneurs, and the world's Who's Who of influencers. Over 5 million follow him online and his podcast, The Brendon Show, debuted at #1 on iTunes in Health/Self-Help.

Brendon is also the Senior Research Lead at the High Performance Institute, a member of Super Soul 100, and the creator of over 20 blockbuster personal development online courses. Oprah Winfrey Network called him "one of the most influential leaders in personal growth" and "one of the most successful online trainers in history."

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Let the world's leading high performance coach teach you to turn off the negative thinking and bad habits and finally REIGNITE your motivation, focus, relationships, energy, and purpose!

You'll learn:

  • Break the pattern of negative thinking and bad habits.
  • Reconnect with your purpose and feel more focused again!
  • Improve your relationships with real intention and PRESENCE.
  • Set goals that are real and inspiring NOW, in this new world.
  • FEEL BETTER by managing your emotions and day better!
  • Beat back fear and overwhelm and reclaim your VIBRANCY again!
  • THIS is HOW.

Course Outline

Get ready to find the motivation, strength, and sense of happiness and fulfillment you need to live a high-performing life!

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Brendon is the world's leading high performance coach for a reason: he gives you practical and tactical advice only. 

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