Learn the EXACT HABITS and daily practices that will help you achieve long-term success, great relationships and better life-satisfaction.

Striving for greater success, wealth and happiness doesn't have to be so stressful and overwhelming. Drop the frustration and bad habits. There's a better way to succeed. The High Performance System is HOW.

Change Your Habits.
Change Your Life.
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Unlock the High Performance System!

Learn the EXACT HABITS and daily practices that will help you achieve long-term success, great relationships and better life-satisfaction.

Striving for greater success, wealth and happiness doesn't have to be so stressful and overwhelming. Drop the frustration and bad habits. There's a better way to succeed. The High Performance System is HOW.

Change Your Habits.
Change Your Life.
Get Started Today.

Unlock the High Performance System!

Don't struggle alone! Let the world's leading high performance coach, Brendon Burchard, help you!



High Performance Habit Builder Course

The world’s most popular online course on high performance! This course is a 6+hr deep-dive advanced training that helps you cultivate the habits you need mentally, emotionally, and physically to reach higher levels of performance and well-being! Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high-performance coach who Success Magazine calls “the performance scientist” and Oprah Winfrey Network calls “one of the most influential leaders in personal growth.” (Value $297)

High Performance System

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  • Online Habit Builder course! This advanced online training course features Brendon Burchard teaching you powerful strategies and daily practices to help you learn and implement the 6 high performance habits and grow in all areas where you are struggling. ($297 Value)
  • Professional Performance Assessment! You get immediate access to our exclusive Life Scores tool to help you evaluate your performance in all areas of life, plus recommendations and tips on how to improve. Score yourself daily, weekly and monthly! ($97 Value!)
  • Bonus #1: Online Course to LOCK IN the 6 Habits! This life-changing 7-day course originally sold for $129... you get it FREE with this system! ($129 Value!)
  • Bonus #2: High Performance Habits Deluxe Audiobook Brendon's Wall Street Journal best-selling book is yours on audio! ($39 Value!)
Change Your Life for $10.99


Professional Life Assessment

Measure What Matters! You will have access to our online Life Scores assessment tools so you can track and score your mindset, habits and mood in a way that will help you grow and succeed! 

Once you complete the assessment you will immediately receive a score for each of the 6 habits plus receive improvement recommendations.

You can take the Life Score Assessment every day, week and month so you can track your progress!


Bonus Course! LOCK IN the 6 Habits!

Join Brendon & Denise Burchard on a 7-day transformative journey that guides you through the science behind the SIX MOST IMPORTANT HABITS FOR SUCCESS and shows you how to make those habits STICK so that it improves your HEALTH, CONFIDENCE, and RELATIONSHIPS.

This life-changing online course originally sold for $ get it FREE with this system! Includes 7 daily video lessons plus worksheets to help you implement these habits in your life right now.


High Performance Habits Deluxe Audiobook

The pioneering research conducted on the world's most successful people made Brendon Burchard's High Performance Habits book a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and #1 Amazon bestseller. (Amazon editors chose it as the Top 3 of ALL business/leadership books 2017!) 

You get this best-selling book on audio! (Value $39)

YES! Anyone CAN Become a High Performer!

High Performers are not born, anyone can become a High Performer through consistency, habit and practice!

We all want to live and maintain our full potential, to reach and sustain what is called “high performance.” Definition: high performance is “succeeding above and beyond standard norms over the long-term.”

How High Performance System Can Help You...

Gain Clarity

High Performers have uncommon clarity about three things: (a) who they are, (b) what they desire and, (c) how they intend to perform and interact with other people. By knowing these things, they can stay true to themselves, in their zone, and highly intentional.

Improve Productivity

High Performers simply produce more in the same amount of time as everybody else. They get into experiences deeper than others, and they become more efficient and prolific as well. That’s why they get ahead faster.

Become Courageous

High Performers are more likely than others to speak up for themselves and to take more risks and bolder actions. Their courage helps them get ahead because when everyone else quits at the first signs of criticism or difficulty or risk, they march on.

Generate Energy

High Performers experience and generate heightened and sustained levels of energy through training, discipline and focus. You can literally feel their energy because they’ve become present, vibrant, and strong with their choices.

Develop Influence

High Performers have better people skills; they give others more time, attention and caring, and as a result, other people admire, respect and help them. Their kindness and generosity draws people and often puts them in leadership positions.

Real People. Transformational Results.

"I Finally Got Connected!"

It is changing me faster and more vibrantly makes me enjoy the transformation I feel every hour - day by day. It's like I finally got connected to the source who could speak to my soul. Thank you so much for the recipe and heartfelt sincere devotion you create.  Forever grateful!
-Ivan S.

"Motivating Me!"

Another amazing day of motivating me in a different way and showing me how the littlest thing is actually a success, not a failure. After I listen to these videos I find myself willing to try new things and to be better than yesterday.
- Jen T.

"It's Giving Me Hope!"

It definitely takes some major courage to ask for help, especially when your whole mental state is in turmoil. Recently I ended up leaving my work which was the cause of the depression and I was on a bit of a journey to find myself.  I'm really enjoying the guidance and positive words from Brendon, it's giving me hope.
- James G.

"Reignited My Fire!"

I have been on autopilot, lacking motivation and clarity just from being suckerpunched due to COVID. I listened to this lesson this eve, and it reignited my fire and vision. I am excited again, it all makes so much sense!! Focusing on helping others, and serving at a high performance level... AWESOME! Can't wait for my next lesson!
-Jill G.

"Make Progress Fast!"

Brendon has taken the science of high performance to a new level with this contribution. It is structured in an easy to follow, logical format and sequence, and distills down the MOST important habits for you to be practicing. So if you want to make the most progress the fastest, he lays it out clearly for you to simply implement.

Buy Now, Succeed Faster!

Meet Your New Coach!

Brendon Burchard is a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, the world's leading high performance coach, and one of the most watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers with over 10 million followers across his brands.

"The world's leading high performance coach."  —Forbes

Brendon Burchard is "the world's leading high performance coach" and the "Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement." —Success Magazine

"He's one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth." —O, The Oprah Magazine

"One of the world’s most successful motivation and marketing trainers." —Larry King

"He’s captivating. He’s just so present, so excited. I watch him speak and he’s just magnetic. I’ve learned so much from Brendon." —Paula Abdul

"No one will deny his authenticity in helping others achieve their dreams." —

"His knowledge and work in high performance is outstanding."—Usher

"What I’ve learned through decades of high performance coaching as well as a scientific research study of high performers worldwide is this: dramatic performance improvements are possible with deliberate habits. Practice certain habits and, boom, life changes for the better.

There are just six habits that matter most. The High Performance System will teach you the habits that lead to greater success & wealth, better relationships, improved confidence, and higher life satisfaction." - Brendon Burchard

Immediate Online Access

After your secure checkout, you will immediately be granted access to the High-Performance System. Watch the training on desktop or your phone. Score your habits. Take time-coded notes on the videos! 

Step-by-Step Instruction

The High-Performance System is a research-backed guided process with video lessons and action steps to help you practice and apply each habit into your daily life. Plus daily, weekly and monthly scoring on your habits to measure your progress!

App Access!

Your training and habit tracker are in the GrowthDay app, where you can also take notes, share with the community, and get daily motivational audios from Brendon! (access the app from desktop or phone!)

Get the High Performance System for only $10.99!