High Performance Habits - Tools

These are the tools referenced in Brendon Burchard's new book,
High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way

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I appreciate you wanting more tools, so I uploaded the audiobook of High Performance Habits to my podcast, as Season Four. So now you can listen for free - just go download my podcast, THE BRENDON SHOW and be sure to download ALL episodes, so that Season 4 downloads. Again, the audiobook is Season 4! 

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Take Your High Performance Indicator Assessment

Get 6 scores that correlate with long-term success. This tool is critical to pinpointing the habits you need to work on the most to maximize your potential for high performance.

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The Clarity Chart

Habit #1 is Seek Clarity. Use this tool to remain intentional about who you are being, how you are treating others, and what really matters.

Performance Prompts

Every chapter in High Performance Habits ends with sentence completion activities. Here they all are, with space for journaling.

The Influence Model

Habit #5 is to Develop Influence. Download this guide to fill out Brendon Burchard's Ultimate Influence Model.

More Tools Coming Soon!

From Brendon:

I'm truly OVERWHELMED by the incredible success of High Performance Habits! I can't thank you enough for your support!

Amazon named HPH it's Top 3 Business & Leadership book of all 2017! It was also a multi-week Wall Street Journal Bestseller. So thankful!

The extraordinary success has made me revisit the tools I would like to put out into the world.

So, I'm revamping them all, and I'll debut them all for you, right here, for free! I'll send an email when they are ready.

Included in the new release will be our new daily planner/journal, corporate card decks, train-the-trainer programs for in-house corporate solutions, and exclusive 2.0 performance tools and assessments from our latest research.

In the meantime, please enjoy our research blog which we constantly update.

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