To change your life, you need a structured learning path to grow! We built it for you.  

Introducing GrowthDay Courses - the world's best library of personal growth courses, from the world's best teachers. Customers call it the "Netflix of Personal Development." You'll call it the greatest year of personal growth in your life.

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You're busy, but you *know* you must improve. So we built your personal development curriculum for you! (And save you thousands of dollars!)

Life is hard. The past 2 years have been crazy. Everyone has learned they have to take care of themselves and manage their life BETTER -- personal development is the path. 

Look, I know that you are someone who wants to change your life and achieve greater joy, wealth and impact. (Or else you wouldn't even be on this page!).

But maybe you're hampered by INDECISION, shutdowns, doubt, fatigue, stress. 

All the change and obligations and distractions can slow you down.  

That's why we have to commit to the next level of LEARNING and SELF-MASTERY. We have to learn to handle chaos and uncertainty BETTER.

You have to SKILL UP to handle life's inevitable challenges, especially when you want MORE from life. Which I know that you do.  

You must become more to earn more, serve more, love more, be more...

Face it, too often we leave our personal growth to randomness - a random book here, a random video there. That's why you're often frustrated - you're not growing as FAST as you want (or need) to!

But where to start?

We've crafted an entire year of life-changing curriculum for you called GrowthDay Courses.

Courses is an annual program of the world's best personal development courses, unlocked in the GrowthDay app immediately and then we guide you through the entire year.

All you need to do is signup, and you will have access to every course! If you're into growing, learning, and becoming the best version of yourself, this is for you.

Every course is filled with guided learning videos, each containing actionable steps so you can implement each strategy, best practice and tips that you help you keep you on your A-game - everyday!

Plus, you basically get more than 20 online personal development courses for the price of ONE!

You get over $5000 worth of courses, for only $249.99 on our annual plan. Which is an incredible value and costs less than $1 a day!!

This is a curated personal development program you've been dreaming of.

Finally, a program that helps you grow in every area of your life, all year long, at a huge discount. 

If 2022 has to be extraordinary, then let us build your learning curriculum and help you design your life with the best courses in the world.

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Take back control of your life and learn to master your time, money, health, relationships, focus, and productivity.

You will immediately unlock 20 courses (with more added all the time) that give you the detailed strategies to change your life all year long.

The Success Accelerator

Brendon Burchard

In this course, Brendon shares some foundational elements of success, as well as more advanced concepts including the latest studies of high performance, neuroscience and positive psychology. The course will challenge you in many aspects of your life: your relationships, career, personal life, well-being and health. This program will take you to a whole new level!

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

Reignite Your Life

Brendon Burchard

This course, originally filmed with the Oprah Winfrey Network, is an inspirational course for re-igniting every area of your life, including your ambitions and how to achieve your goals 10x faster! You'll learn advanced concepts in emotional intelligence so you can let go of fear and pain and find true happiness and fulfillment.

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

Secrets to Great Communication

Larry King

Learn from one of the greatest communicators of our time on how to be an exceptional conversationalist. The course covers it all, starting with how to start a conversation to how to give speeches and presentations. You will learn how to talk better and enjoy doing it! Plus, find out the greatest question ever asked!

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life!

Dr. Daniel Amen

This 12-lesson coaching program by renowned brain health expert, Dr. Daniel Amen will help you uncover a healthier body, stronger mind, better mood, better memory, higher energy, smarter business, longer relationships and a BETTER LIFE!

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

Tap into Healing

Jennifer Partridge

Jennifer Partridge's approach to Tapping combines neuroscience, traditional talk-therapy, and ancient Chinese medicine to open our energy highways. The techniques you will learn in Tap Into Healing will help you fully process your toughest emotions and experiences, and help put them firmly in the past — once and for all.

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

The Wellness Master Class

Brendon Burchard

The goal for this in-depth 12 video master class is to help you move beyond being reactive towards your well-being to help you use your well-being strategically and proactively. You will learn techniques on how to beat stress, overcome overwhelm, master mental well-being, and optimize habits for health and vibrancy.

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription


Marianne Williamson

For many we have been mentally trained to perceive without love and have an automatic and instinctive temptation to move into judgment, attack, and defensiveness. To change this requires relinquishing a thought system of fear and accepting a thought system based on love. Marianne will help you apply these universal principles to build and strengthen your relationships.

Retail Price: $97
Included with Annual Subscription

High Performance GPS

Brendon Burchard

(GPS stands for Goals, Priorities and Scheduling!) In this 12-module course, Brendon takes you on a deep dive into how to identify 3 primary goals and how to attain those goals! Plus you will learn his highly effective project planning and management strategies, and how to prioritize and schedule your day, week, month and year!

Retail Price: $197
Included with Annual Subscription


... on topics of productivity, energy, emotional healing, and more (with new ones added throughout the year)

Retail Price: $1164
Included with Annual Subscription

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Bonus: Free Group Coaching Call

After your first month in the program, we'll set you up with a small group and get you on a phone with a Certified High Performance Coach, considered one of the "Navy Seals of life coaching." In this free small group coaching call, you'll get to share your goals, learn new habits to start, and hear targeted advice for achieving your goals faster! $197 Value, Yours FREE!

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing each course you will earn a certificate of completion and a GrowthDay achievement on your growth profile. You can share your Certificate and learnings with your friends and network!

Meet Your New Instructors...

The world's best personal development and wellness experts at your finger tips ... over $5,000 of courses just $249/yr! 

  • Brendon Burchard is one of the most followed and trusted personal development trainers in the world, with over 5 million fans, 6 best-selling books, 3 million email subscribers, 300 million video views, 20-plus blockbuster online courses, a Who's Who of coaching clients, and a decade leading the thought leader industry.
  • Marianne Williamson is a New York Times best-selling author, spiritual thought leader, and dynamic public speaker. Marianne was thrust into the national spotlight in 1992 when Oprah featured Marianne on the show. Since then, she has authored 12 books and inspired millions of people to cultivate a life of love and to bring their best selves into the world.
  • Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the world's most respected neuroscientists and brain researchers. He has helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives by improving their brain function. He has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Dr. Phil, TED, and more. Daniel is a ten-time New York Times best-selling author.
  • Byron Katie has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. In 1986, at the bottom of a ten-year fall into depression, rage, and self-loathing, Byron Katie woke up one morning to a revelation and a state of constant joy that has never left her. Since then, she has worked with millions of people at free public events, in prisons, hospitals, churches, corporations, universities, and schools and has written three bestselling books.
  • Dr. James S. Gordon is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, former researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health, Chair of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, and a clinical professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at Georgetown Medical School. He has authored or edited ten books, including Transforming Trauma: The Path to Hope and Healing. In 1991, he founded The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, which has become one of the world’s leaders in addressing population-wide psychological trauma.
  • and more courses from renowned experts like Larry King, Tony Horton, Jennifer Partridge, Danielle LaPorte on topics like Tapping, Emotional Healing, Communication, Healthy Eating and more...

What Others Are Saying...

"Amazingly Powerful Insights"

"Amazing! Brilliant! I am familiar with so many of the topics, but with these courses I got a whole new perspective about a lot of concepts and amazingly powerful insights that are already making a difference in my life! I engaged with the courses as a way to re-evaluate my entire life on a deeper level and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you so much to all of you who made this possible."

-Janaina C.

"Move Courageously Forward"

"The Wellness Master Class is one of my favorite classes from the GrowthDay Courses program. Probably THE CLASS that will help me to move courageously forward to go for my dreams fearlessly. What helps me have it all sink in is writing the top takeaways from lessons on notecards. I read them the moment I wake up and before I go to sleep. Definitely having a positive effect on my mindset."

-Leonor L.

"Improved My Life"

The value I've received from this training is life-changing, It has validated my previous bold promises although I have failed and given me the energy to continue being bold and GROW INTO my promises. This series has improved my life so much during these difficult times. Huge thanks to Brendon and his team for making these courses affordable although their extreme value would justify a much higher price tag.

-Joseph M.

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