The time for playing small is entirely over. It's time to take back your Confidence!

"I'll just say it: You MUST beat self-doubt and hesitation this year. You have to end the negative thinking and questions of your worth or power. You have to believe in yourself again, find your passions, live more authentically, and go for those big goals again.

Let's get you more confident. Now. Invest $7.99 in yourself and I'll give you $400 of confidence training from the world's best personal growth teachers, today. You're worth it. And your future needs you to show up now."
- Brendon Burchard, Founder of GrowthDay and the world's #1 high performance coach

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You will learn...

  1. How to confront fears, and end your worry loops.
  2. How to find out who you really are, and tap into the authentic happy YOU again!
  3. The science-backed habits for coping with challenging times.
  4. How to decide what's RIGHT for you at THIS stage of your life... and how to make the big decisions when it matters most.
  5. 3 action steps to build your financial confidence (YES, confidence has a lot to do with wealth - so we go there!).
  6. How "tapping" on confidence can decrease stress and anxiety. 
  7. The PROVEN morning routine to enter each day with a fresh, motivated and positive attitude.
  8. How to deal with the down days and find your VIBRANCY again!
  9. How you can use simple brain science to feel more motivated and happy.
  10. 5 ways to find YOUR unique purpose and voice, so you can stop questioning your purpose.
Yes! I want Confidence Masterclass for $7.99

The world's best teachers inspire you, lift you and reveal the science and coaching that will elevate your confidence (and make it LAST!)

You will immediately unlock over 10+ hours of video training from the coaches at GrowthDay, that give you tools, tips, strategies and daily action steps you need to grow more confident in all areas of your life!

This course is self-paced so you can take as much time as you need on each lesson!

The world's #1 high performance coach shares how to find your ALIVENESS and MOTIVATION again... then shows you the HABITS to make the confidence stick.

The world's most requested female motivational speaker shows you how to stop people pleasing, pull yourself out of down days, and take immediate action.

Our centeredness expert helps you answer, "How do I make big decisions when I don't have confidence that it will work out?" You'll learn that BEING yourself is possible again.

Creativity expert helps you break away from a path that is comfortable but is NOT designed for you. You'll learn to find YOUR unique purpose and voice.

Leading financial wealth expert David Bach gives you confidence about money and finances. Finance is a key pillar of your life. When you fix your finances, you free yourself to live your best life.

Former NFL player and founder of Identity Shift shares a step-by-step outline of how our brains process information and the areas where you can control it to achieve more confidence and success.

Lifestyle expert Jenna Kutcher reveals a positive path back to your authentic self. You can juggle life more joyously and confident again. This is HOW.

Stress relief expert shows you a technique for "tapping" that allows you to release anxiety and find hope and energy when you need it the most.

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Bonus #1: High 5 Challenge with Mel Robbins!

5-day challenge with journaling tools from New York Times bestselling author Mel Robbins! This bonus class and set of tools in GrowthDay has inspired over 100,000 people! Overcome your fears, boost your confidence and learn life-changing habits with this popular challenge
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Bonus #2: Confidence Challenge with Brendon Burchard

GrowthDay Founder and legendary high-performance coach Brendon Burchard guides you through 5 days of LIFE-CHANGING training to help you create authentic, lasting confidence. Few people understand the psychology of confidence, and fewer yet know how to SUMMON the state when it's needed most. This 5-day challenge will help you tap into your belief in yourself, be more true and assertive in social situations, develop competency faster, and connect to a purpose that gives you strength. 
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What Others Are Saying...


"I’m in a phase of transition and I’ve been feeling lost and overwhelmed. I have the negative bug in my ear that’s gotten to my head. Feeling that overwhelm and ‘I can’t’ internal mantra, I had that false thinking of quitting. I'm so glad I took the time to watch this. I'm looking forward to clarity, overcoming overwhelm, building my competence and capability and being in alignment, standing in my truth and connecting.Thanks so much. "

—Melody L.


"This course was spot on for me, as I needed a kick in the confidence! My brain has literally changed for the better. Yesterday I had the biggest day of confidence in years, doing and saying things I would have stifled because I lacked the confidence. I feel so energized to keep going!"

—Lisa C.


"The value I've received from this training is life-changing, It has validated my previous bold promises although I have failed and given me the energy to continue being bold and GROW INTO my promises. This series has improved my life so much during these difficult times. Huge thanks to Brendon and his team for making these courses affordable although their extreme value would justify a much higher price tag."

—Joseph M.

It’s time to step into your power! Let's get you more confident!

Confidence Masterclass

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  • Bonus #1: High 5 Challenge with Mel Robbins, best selling author and #1 female motivational speaker in the world. ($49 Value)
  • Bonus #2: 5-Day Confidence Challenge with Brendon Burchard, the world's leading high performance coach. ($49 Value)
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