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Become a Certified High Performance Coach! Our next Certification Week is virtual (live online), May 16-19th, 2022. It sells out FAST! So see below and apply today!

You're ready to change lives and become a world-class coach! Watch Brendon's Invitation and Certification Overview... then get signed up before we sell out!!


Attend Virtual Certification Week to become a Certified High Performance Coach! Live online, May 16-19th, 2022. FAQs and registration button below!

Everyone wants to change the world. But first you have to know how to predictably change a person’s life.

When you want the credibility, curriculum and community to be an incredible coach, then it's time to become a Certified High Performance Coach! This is the world's best certification for helping people reach high performance in every area of their lives!

People who don't get certified and trained BEFORE trying to become a coach in the marketplace spend THREE to FIVE YEARS trying to figure it out and get momentum. 

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You’ve always felt in your heart that you wanted to change people’s lives.

Isn’t it time to add that as a major component of your career?

Attending Certification Week gives you the structure, curriculum and skills needed to change people's lives. It will also change YOUR life!

Coaching is the one skill that accelerates every area of your life, helps you earn more in any career, and can improve ALL your relationships in life forever!

As a Certified High Performance Coach™ you will be trained on the science-backed frameworks and skills needed to implement a 12-week (90-day) coaching program with your clients or team that then continues as long as you want.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, you can charge people for your coaching services, one-on-one or group coaching, or you can immediately begin coaching people on your team or at work.

We certify you, and then you can add the offering of coaching to whatever you are already doing under your own brand or in your career at work.

You can coach ANYONE with this process—entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, parents, administrators, managers, students, high potentials… anyone who wants to improve their lives and achieve their goals faster. (You can also use this process to coach individuals or virtual groups!)

The good news is YES, you can do this...

  • No previous experience coaching is necessary to join, because we will train you on the proven process and repeatable frameworks needed to coach people to improve their lives and performance.

  • You get to start from scratch and get the credibility of joining the ranks of the world’s top coaches! Certified High Performance Coaching is the first and only science-backed, high performance-based coaching program in the world. THIS is how you get real credibility as a coach!

This is your chance to become a Certified High Performance Coach!

Learn how to change people’s lives, coach at high levels, earn more, and join a community of the world’s best life coaches.

So many people have wanted to coach others to reach their full potential, but lacked a science-backed process?

How about you?

Have you wanted to become a life coach, executive coach, or business coach, but lacked the credibility or ability to market yourself?

Does your client, organization or team need you to help them achieve remarkable performance?

Then it’s time to learn how to coach others at the world-class level!

Just think how more effective you’ll be when you know how to predictably help others change their habits and reach high performance in their lives and careers.

This skill has been the secret to Brendon’s success in every area — if you know how to understand and change behavior, you’re a better leader, influencer, contributor, and change-maker.

No matter your experience, Certification will help you become an incredibly effective coach, for any audience.

Register today for our next Virtual Certification Week, delivered live online, and you'll receive:

  • 4 days of skill-based, role-play training at Certification Week, delivered online from the comfort of your home! You are fully certified and able to start coaching following your completion of Certification Week!
  • Then you get monthly followup virtual training to deepen your skills.
  • You get full recordings of your virtual Certification Week! As an active coach, you can revisit your training anytime you want for a refresher. Before delivering your first coaching sessions, just watch the training again and you’ll be confident!
  • You get full session outlines, client homework, self-evaluation forms, and tools so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.
  • As an active coach, you'll have ongoing access to the CHPC community to help you master your craft and build your career.
  • If you are building your business as a coach, you have access to a FREE online library of marketing tools to promote yourself! These are Brendon Burchard's best marketing strategies for coaches, previously sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Tuition to this year-long program is $10,000 USD per person. See the FAQ below for additional details.

Best-In-The-World Guarantee!

After the first full day of Certification Week, if you do not immediately understand or believe this to be the best coaching program in existence today, then ask for your money back for a full no-hassle refund! Still not convinced? Read our in-depth FAQ section below! But get signed up TODAY because we will sell out!

Listen to our coaches feedback!

Watch these coaches - some new, some experienced - talk about the power of this curriculum and program! They attended our last in-person certification last year - now certification is LIVE online, so you can join us from the comfort of your home!


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