Brendon Burchard trains and certifies YOU to become an effective, highly-paid coach! This your rare chance to learn from the world's best!

  • 4 day virtual certification, from the comfort of your home! No previous experience required. November 18-21st, 9am-3pm Pacific each day, held in our private Zoom. At the end of Day 4, you become a Certified High Performance Coach! Learning these sessions from the world's best is a $12,000 value!
  • 4-weeks of more training to learn the "Coach's Sales System!" Learn Brendon's secrets for getting clients, building your coaching brand, and mastering online marketing to grow your sales and audience! The best marketing strategies in the business today is valued at $30,000!
  • 12 months of ongoing support with LIVE monthly meetups online to create the career and impact of your dreams! Totally priceless to be part of a REAL community of pros to help you stay motivated and building! ($6,000 value for this ongoing monthly professional development!)
  • BEST EVER PRICING ENDS 2024! Price goes up $5,000 next time! Despite this being one of the highest-rated, research-backed certification programs in the world, taught by the world's leading high-performance coach, and valued at over $30,000, we haven't raised prices. But starting 2025, the price goes up. So register TODAY and you save $5,000 (and another year of time wondering if you could really make it and earn more. Get the mentorship and certification you need to be credible, confident and effective right now at our best price ever!)
  • Day One Guarantee! If you aren't 100% satisfied after Day One of the certification, get a full refund! It's the best coaching process in the world, and if you don't agree get your money back!

You can change people's lives! We'll show you how.

4 days online to get certified.
4 weeks to learn marketing and sales.
12 months of ongoing support.

Here's what you get in the world's best high-performance coaching certification:

4 Day Virtual Certification gives you the PROCESS you need to effectively coach people and change lives!

Every day for 4 days, you'll join Brendon and the coaching community from the comfort of your home. You'll be in a zoom room where you'll learn and role-play our 12 incredibly effective, research-backed  high-performance coaching sessions (worth $12,000 alone!).

You'll learn the session from Brendon, role play the session in a fun and safe setting, and get feedback and inspiration from both new and experienced coaches.

You'll receive tens of thousands of dollars worth of proven coaching sessions, tools, worksheets, and agreements from the world's #1 high-performance expert! You'll receive a certificate in the mail after completion!

4 Weeks of Marketing & Sales Training to Get the Clients and Sales of Your Dreams!

You'll learn the "Weekly Coaching Sales System" and tactical online marketing and personal branding strategies from Brendon. You'll receive guidance on building your website, email sequences, sales outlines, webinars, group coaching funnels, and more. You'll also get a bonus "coach marketing vault" unlocked for learning how to sell courses, challenges, and masterminds to continue growing your brand and sales. Brendon's famous elite-level marketing groups and tools are usually $30,000 per year, but you're getting his best coach marketing systems now for a fraction of the price as part of your certification!

12 Months of Ongoing Support for Your Professional Development

Every month, our community call keeps you growing, inspired and accountable. You'll join our best coaches to learn best-practices in delivering great sessions, getting clients and growing your business. This is the ongoing personal and professional development you've always wanted! We bring on successful coaches to share their strategies and you get obstacle-busting breakout groups to help you succeed! This monthly ongoing professional development is worth $6,000 alone!









You've always wanted to help people change their lives! Becoming a Certified High Performance Coach gives you the offer, sessions, credibility, and tools to do it!

  • Get your time back and start earning! Stop wasting years trying to figure it out. Get the SYSTEM for helping people reach high-performance in every area of their lives. You can do this, and you can do this now! 
  • GETTING CLIENTS should not scare you! We'll show you how with our sales system and marketing strategies and tools (valued over $30,000)! Imagine the fulfillment and financial joy when you're working with awesome clients!
  • You're not alone! After Certification, you'll get 12 months of ongoing support and accountability in the world's best coaching community! (Priceless but easily valued at $6,000/yr!)
  • Day One Guarantee: If you don't love the certification after day one of training, get a full refund! 
  • Decade of Excellence! Certified High Performance Coaching has been honed for more than a decade, and it's one of the highest rated coaching process in the world, with a 9.7 out of 10 client satisfaction rating across over 140,000 sessions!! (Try to find ANY other program with that rating and excellence!). If it's not the BEST coaching process and system you've ever seen, ask for your money back after day 1!
  • The Trusted Source. Brendon Burchard is the most respected name in modern high-performance coaching and one of the most successful coaches in history. With millions of students and hundreds of millions in sales, he knows EXACTLY how to mentor and guide you through this process.
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Brendon Burchard is the world's leading high-performance coach and he wants to train and CERTIFY YOU! Brendon has certified thousands of the best coaches. Personally, he's the example and expert in the industry: He's earned over $100 million as a coach, delivered through his 1:1 coaching, group coaching, memberships, courses, and events. Over 5 million follow him and 3 million people have been in his coaching challenges, video series, and paid programs, making him one of the most successful coaches in history. He's the mentor to today's top coaches and considered the world's leading high-performance coach. Now he's YOUR MENTOR and certifies you to change lives and get clients!

Brendon Burchard, "The Coaches' Coach," teaches and certifies YOU to be come a high-performance coach!

His results are why you want to learn from him. He's one of the most respected and successful in the industry and his process has changed the game.

Oprah Winfrey Network

"Brendon is one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. He's one of the most successful online trainers in history. Everyone needs his work."

Jay Shetty

"Brendon is one of the top coaches in the world, an incredible speaker, and bestselling author. His work was so refreshing to me. He's really been there for me on this journey."

Tom Bilyeu

"He's widely recognized as the world's leading high-performance coach. The world's most successful people have enlisted him as their coach. He's the guy millions of people turn to when they want to breakthrough to that next level."

Ed Mylett

"He's the person I turn to. You'd be amazed to hear how many of the top people and influencers in the world learn from him and seek his guidance and counsel."

Mel Robbins

“If I had to name one human being who embodies what it means to live a purpose-driven infused life, it’s Brendon. He's been an extraordinary friend, advisor, coach, and connector."

Jamie Kern Lima

"Brendon is a friend who I absolutely love, who has changed my life so much. You'd be surprised how many people in the industry, how many leaders, turn to him for advice and mentorship."

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What is high performance coaching?

Learn how to change people’s lives, coach at high levels, earn more, and join a community of the world’s best life coaches.

Attending Certification Week gives you the structure, curriculum and skills needed to change people's lives. It will also change YOUR life!

Coaching is the one skill that accelerates every area of your life, helps you earn more in any career, and can improve ALL your relationships in life forever!

As a Certified High Performance Coach™ you will be trained on the science-backed frameworks and skills needed to implement a 12-week (90-day) coaching program with your clients or team that then continues as long as you want.

You can sell these sessions to your clients right away, under your own business; or you can roll these sessions out to your own audience or company. We'll show you how - from how to deliver the sessions to HOW TO SELL.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, you can charge people for your coaching services, one-on-one or group coaching, or you can immediately begin coaching people on your team or at work.

We certify you, and then you can add the offering of coaching to whatever you are already doing under your own brand. Or you can roll it out to your company or other clients.

And, no, we don't take a dime or any commissions -- it's your business and this is a new offering and skill you get to offer people.

You can coach ANYONE with this process—entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, parents, administrators, managers, students, high potentials… anyone who wants to improve their lives and achieve their goals faster.

(You can also use this process to coach individuals or virtual groups!)

The good news is YES, you can do this...

  • No previous experience coaching is necessary to join, because we will train you on the proven process and repeatable frameworks needed to coach people to improve their lives and performance.

  • You get to start from scratch and get the credibility of joining the ranks of the world’s top coaches! Certified High Performance Coaching is the first and only science-backed, high performance-based coaching program in the world. THIS is how you get real credibility as a coach!

  • We teach you the process and how to get clients via Brendon's famous sessions and marketing campaigns.

This is the credibility you deserve. Finally, you can start coaching others and confidently charge them ... and get going now!

So many new people to the industry lack a  science-backed process for helping others improve their lives.

And they lack the marketing know-how to get clients.

How about you?

Have you wanted to become a life coach, executive coach, or business coach, but lacked the credibility or ability to market yourself?

Does your potential clients or team need you to help them achieve remarkable performance?

Then it’s time to learn how to coach others at the world-class level!

Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC) is the highest-regarded coaching curriculum in the world.

Across 140,000 3rd party rated sessions, the average client satisfaction rating is a 9.7 out of 10, the highest in the industry we've ever heard of or seen, ever.

Clients simply LOVE this powerful training methodology and you'll LOVE coaching it!

Just think how more effective you’ll be when you know how to predictably help others change their habits and reach high performance in their lives and careers.

This skill has been the secret to Brendon’s success in every area — if you know how to understand and change behavior, you’re a better leader, influencer, contributor, and change-maker.

No matter your experience, Certification will help you become an incredibly effective coach, for any audience.

Register today for our next Virtual Certification Week, delivered live online, and you'll receive:


  • 4 days of skill-based, role-play training at Certification Week, delivered online from the comfort of your home! You are fully certified and able to start coaching following your completion of Certification! Our next certification is November 18-21st, 2024 and will sell out! ($12,000 Value!)

  • 4-weeks of deep-dive marketing training for "coach campaigns" that shows you a system for getting the right clients. Take this training on-demand at your own pace! ($4,995 Value!)

  • 12-months of ongoing LIVE community calls to support your personal and professional development. (Attendance to these community sessions are optional. You're certified after your 4-day certification, but these are additional trainings and gatherings online to make sure you're supported, growing, and effective. ($6,000 Value!)

  • You get full recordings of your virtual Certification Week! As an active coach, you can revisit your training anytime you want for a refresher. Before delivering your first coaching sessions, just watch the training again and you’ll be confident! (Priceless!)

  • You get full session outlines, client homework, self-evaluation forms, and tools so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. These tools, a decade in the making, are worth the tuition alone! Use them or model them in building your own coaching program later! ($10,000 value of the toolkit alone!)

  • As an active coach, you'll have ongoing access to the CHPC community to help you master your craft and build your career.

  • If you are building your business as a coach, you have access to a FREE comprehensive online library of advanced marketing tools to promote yourself! These are Brendon Burchard's best marketing strategies for coaches, previously sold for tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • 90 days post certification, we'll call you and check in on how you're doing, answer any questions and be here for you. ($500 value!)

You'd normally have to spend over $30,000 to get access to this kind of training and certification from Brendon.

But tuition to this year-long program is just $10,000 USD per person, and of course payment plans are available.

See the FAQ below for additional details and signup before we're sold out!

Best Ever Pricing Ends 2024 - price goes up $5,000 next time!

 We haven't raised prices in 10 YEARS.

Despite this being one of the highest-rated, research-backed certification programs in the world, taught by the world's leading high-performance coach, and valued at over $30,000, we've kept the program at just $10,000 with payment options. But starting 2025, the price goes to $15,000. So register TODAY and you save $5,000 (and another year of time wondering if you could really make it and earn more. Get the mentorship and certification you need to be credible, confident and effective right now at our best price ever!)

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3 brand new BONUSES worth $11,000 just added!

Signup by May 2nd for three new bonuses!

90-Day Check-In

We call you 90-days after your Certification to check in on your progress and help you stay accountable and growing. We'll help you breakthrough any obstacles and guide you to resources, links, or help that will keep you on track for your best business year ever! ($500 value!)

Coaching Summit In-Person Event

NEW: After certification, you'll receive a tuition waiver to attend Coaching Summit 2024! This is OPTIONAL, but for those who love to meetup in person, network, and get a photo with Brendon - this is for you! It's September 3-4th in Los Angeles and certfied coaches receive free tuition (but pay a small registration and materials fee of $99 to hold your seat). ($500 value!)

Marketing Vault!

After Certification, you get access to over $10,000 of additional marketing training for building your audience, gaining followers, and using online marketing to create and sell courses, memberships and masterminds. It's all part of this offer! ($10,000 value!)

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100% Day One Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy or don't like certification, then tell us by the end of DAY ONE of certification training and you'll receive a full refund! Why do people LOVE THIS so much?

Watch our coaches share their journeys in this video! They came to our in-person event but now we're virtual so you can get certified from home!


Get certified from the world's best.

Registration for 2024 is closing! Get in now!

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