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Introducing GrowthDay, the world's first all-in-one personal development app for achieving your full potential.

All your habit tracking, journaling, goal planning, courses, and life coaching in one place. Because self-improvement should be a way of life, and every day is a great day to grow. 

You are destined for more.
It all starts with consistent personal growth.

Track and score your mindset, habits and mood. Get practical recommendations that change your life.


Every day, week and month you are prompted to score the most important areas of your life. You'll learn how you're actually behaving over time, and you'll get recommendations to improve. Join today and you'll get life assessments worth hundreds of dollars and help you pinpoint how to grow happier and healthier.

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A digital journal you'll actually love to use, with daily prompts for greater self-awareness.

Finally, a journal that you'll actually want to use! Includes writing prompts for morning mindset, evening reviews, and monthly reflections. You're reminded and rewarded, and you can go back to any date and see your journal entry instantly. Upload photos, edit entries, and keep growing!

Unlock life-changing courses and watch them on the go. Take notes, make plans, and share your learning.

Finally, you can take online personal development courses from the world's best. Take notes across all courses and view them all in one place. Your notes save with a timecode so you can hop back to that exact point in the video for deeper learning.

Get guided.

Pro members get fun, life-transforming coaching sessions with the world's most influential personal growth and wellness teachers.

Mel Robbins, bestselling author of The Five Second Rule!

Gloria Atanmo, Creator and Activist

Jenna Kutcher, host of Goal Digger Podcast

Dave Hollis, New York Times bestselling author

David Bach, personal finance expert and 10-time New York Times bestselling author

Anthony Trucks, American Ninja Warrior and Former NFL pro

Jonathan Fields, New York Times bestselling author and host, The Good Life Project

Dr. Daniel Amen, world's leading brain expert and New York Times bestselling author

The most inspired community of your life.

You've always wanted a positive community to share with, learn from, and stay accountable. Join 10,000 achievers from around the globe.

It's time for change. This time, let's make self-improvement stick.

Start free. Grow now.

Accessing these coaches separately would cost over $3,000 per month.

Live Coaching and Practical Advice from the World's Most Influential Personal Growth and Wellness Teachers!


  • Mel Robbins: Bestselling author of "The 5 Second Rule" and the nation's #1 woman motivational speaker!
  • Jamie Kern Lima: Billionaire founder of IT Cosmetics and author of the New York Times bestselling book, Believe IT!
  • David Bach: The world's leading personal finance teacher with ten New York Times bestsellers!
  • Jonathan Fields: Mindfulness expert and host of the Good Life Project
  • Gloria Atanmo: Creativity expert, designer, Instagram star, and activist.
  • Dave Hollis: Podcaster and New York Times bestselling author of "Get Out of Your Own Way."
  • Anthony Trucks: Former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Jenna Kutcher: Host of The Goal Digger podcast, the #1 marketing podcast in the country.
  • Alex Ortner: Co-Founder of Tapping Solution App.
  • More than a DOZEN world-famous mentors and coaches joining you throughout the year!
  • It would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to get coaching from all these experts LIVE! But now you get in for less than $1/day!

How GrowthDay Changes Your Life:

  • Life-changing app for journaling, habit tracking, goal setting, and personal growth challenges.
  • LIVE coaching every week from the world's best personal growth and wellness teachers. ($3000 value!)
  • Online courses from the most influential wellness teachers ($588 value!)
  • Global community of over 10,000 supportive achievers in your private members area.
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An Inspired Peer Group

Level Up Your Mentors

Brendon usually brings many of these speakers to his private masterminds and events, just as friends to share what we're learning together. Now you get to watch us share and you get a new circle of positive influencers and mentors through the Summit. All free.

Meet Your GrowthDay Guide!

Brendon Burchard, your lead coach and founder of GrowthDay

Brendon Burchard will be your guide and coach all year long! Brendon is the founder of GrowthDay and according to OWN "one of the most influential leaders in personal growth." Forbes calls him "the world's leading high performance coach." Brendon is also one of the most followed and trusted personal development trainers in the  world, with over 5 million fans, 6 best-selling books, 3 million email subscribers, 300 million video views, 20-plus blockbuster online courses, a Who's Who of coaching clients, and a decade leading the thought leader industry. He charges over $300k per year for coaching, but now he's YOUR lead GrowthDay coach. Every week, he'll email you, introduce you to the LIVE schedule and coaches, and prompt you to KEEP GROWING!


Plus, a few more pals:

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Why People Love GrowthDay 

Energy. Encouragement. Direction. Community.
All One Place to Grow, Together.

Grow Now, Start Free.



All App Tools Free for 14 days.

Start free, then $37.99/year.

  • All your personal growth tools in one place, on desktop, iPhone, and Android.
  • Goal setting and planning.
  • Digital journal with growth prompts.
  • Life scores and assessments.
  • Personal growth challenges.
  • Positive global community.
  • Does not include live weekly coaching (that's Pro plan)
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Pro Plan

All App Tools + Coaching

Save 50% Off Pro Annual!
Free 14 days, then $299.99/year.

  • All tools from Starter Plan, including Journal, Life Scores, Goal Planning, and Growth Challenges.
  • Get LIVE coaching every week from the world's most influential personal growth and wellness teachers. ($3,000 value!)
  • Free $300 course on high performance habits from Brendon Burchard.
  • Free small group coaching session to help you pinpoint where to focus and grow faster ($197 value)
  • Free replays and summaries of all live broadcasts. 
  • Coming soon: Exclusive personal growth challenges in the app for Pro members only.
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Pro Monthly

App Tools + Coaching

Free 14 Days. Then $49.99/month

  • Monthly subscription. Cancel anytime. (Annual is cheaper!).
  • All tools from Starter Plan: Journal, Life Scores, Goal Planning, Growth Challenges.
  • Get LIVE coaching, twice per week, with our entire community in our private member's area.
  • Free $300 course on high performance habits
  • Free replays and summaries to enjoy at your own pace.
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From our Founder 

Brendon is fired up. Let's grow, together.


One app for all your personal development. These are the tools, coaches and community you've always dreamed of.

Start free. It's time to grow.

What happens when you make personal growth a way of life?

Breakthrough fear, discouragement, low motivation, and fatigue!

You don't have to be stuck anymore. You don't have to wait, or be perfect. You just have to grow your self-awareness and master your emotions and daily habits. We'll show you how!

Achieve more faster, manage your finances better, and become a better leader!

It's hard to earn more or get more done if you keep GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY. That's why our coaches go LIVE every week for you, and they also take your questions and coach you to greatness!

Grow exponentially because you can't improve what you don't track!

When you measure your life habits and goals, and you get coaching and mentoring, you grow faster. You get tools and coaching from people who have built billion-dollar brands, pioneered research, and reach millions of people.

Find Your Purpose!

Feeling lost, or disconnected from your life's path and purpose? Confused about how to make the best decisions for 2021? So are a lot of people! So who breaks through? Those who get the coaching they need to help them gain CLARITY. Our coaches help you re-align to what's important to you, every week!

Master Your Health & Relationships!

If you feel like you're *not* in the BEST HEALTH of your life, then you have to ask, Why? And if you're not in the BEST relationship of your life yet, then ask, Why? But don't get DOWN on yourself! You just need new strategies that will work for YOU. Our coaches will help!

Members' Only App!

Track your habits, mood, goals, movement, and access exclusive audios, challenges and life assessments in our new app! The app holds all your personal growth tools, live training, courses, replays, and the dream community you've always needed to keep accountable and keep growing!

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GrowthDay is your all-in-one app for personal development. You can choose plans to access our tools and coaches, and you can start now with a free trial.

GrowthDay app is available on desktop, Apple/iOs and Android.

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