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Ed Mylett, Trent Shelton, Mel Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, Natalie Ellis, Jamie Kern Lima, Anthony Trucks, Jon Gordon and more! Join live online, or watch party later! 

Holistic Software System
for  Journaling & High Performance Habit Tracking!

GrowthDay's digital journal and life assessments dramatically improve your habits, mindset, self-awareness, and positivity. The world's best digital system for personal growth journaling and habit tracking is UNLOCKED for UNLIMITED USE! These tools are worth it alone. You get targeted recommendations and the system guides you on your journey to become extraordinary!

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+ FINDING PURPOSE Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ SELF-DISCIPLINE¬†Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ WEALTH HABITS¬†Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE¬†Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ WELLNESS HABITS¬†Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ RELATIONSHIPS & FRIENDSHIPS¬†Masterclass ($300!)

+ CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Masterclass ($300!)

‚Äč+ HOW TO LEARN FASTER¬†Masterclass ($300!)

PLUS our famous GROWTH VAULT of over $5,000 of online courses from Wayne Dyer, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, Dr Daniel Amen, Dr Martin Seligman (the founder of Positive Psychology), Larry King (the legendary communicator) and more!

In Mastery, we guide you through with targeted courses and recommendations to accelerate your growth!

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"Brendon is one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. He's one of the most successful online trainers in history. Everyone needs his work."

Jay Shetty

"Brendon is one of the top coaches in the world, an incredible speaker, and bestselling author. His work was so refreshing to me. He's really been there for me on this journey."

Tom Bilyeu

"He's widely recognized as the world's leading high-performance coach. The world's most successful people have enlisted him as their coach. He's the guy millions of people turn to when they want to breakthrough to that next level."

Ed Mylett

"[He has] a unique energy… like nobody I know. [He’s] affected millions and millions of people for decades… and is a leader amongst the leaders in personal development. Other leaders look to [him] for guidance and counsel."

Mel Robbins

“If I had to name one human being who embodies what it means to live a purpose-driven infused life, it’s Brendon. He's been an extraordinary friend, advisor, coach, and connector."

Jamie Kern Lima

"Brendon is a friend who I absolutely love, who has changed my life so much. You'd be surprised how many people in the industry, how many leaders, turn to him for advice and mentorship."

Get mentored EVERY WEEK by  legendary coaches, billionaires, leaders, creators, wellness experts, and motivational teachers!

These teaches regularly charge $50,000 to $100,000+ per keynote.

But you get their classes and challenges in GrowthDay free as a Mastery Member for just $49/month!

  • Ed Mylett, best-selling author, motivational speaker and podcast host of Ed Mylett Show. Recently named the #1 mindset coach in the world!
  • Trent Shelton, the legendary motivational speaker and host of Straight Up with Trent Shelton!
  • Bossbabe founder¬†Natalie Ellis, who built one of the largest brands for ambitious women in the world!
  • Mel Robbins:¬†New York Times¬†bestselling author of "The High 5 Habit" and "The 5 Second Rule." (Mel's challenge and classes are now on-demand!)
  • Jamie Kern Lima:¬†Billionaire founder of IT Cosmetics and author of the¬†New York Times¬†bestselling book, "Believe IT!" (On demand)
  • David Bach:¬†The world's leading personal finance and wealth teacher with ten¬†New York Times¬†bestsellers!¬†(On demand)
  • Lori Harder, host of Earn Your Happy podcast!
  • Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest, and host of Women of Impact!
  • Anthony Trucks:¬†Former NFL athlete,¬†American Ninja Warrior, international speaker and founder of Identity Shift coaching
  • Jenna Kutcher:¬†Host of The Goal Digger podcast, the #1 marketing podcast in the country
  • Jonathan Fields:¬†Mindfulness expert and host of the Good Life Project
  • Gloria Atanmo:¬†Creativity expert, designer, Instagram star, and activist¬†(On demand)
  • Mel Abraham:¬†Thought-leader¬†to entrepreneurs around the world,¬†financial expert, business strategist, and author
  • Alex Ortner:¬†Co-Founder of The Tapping Solution¬†(On demand)
  • Koya Webb:¬†Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Instructor
  • Dr. Daniel Amen:¬†One of America‚Äôs leading psychiatrists and brain health experts, and bestselling author¬†(On demand)
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"People join GrowthDay because my intention, research and reputation is so clear:

To give you the performance edge to HANDLE LIFE BETTER and ACCELERATE YOUR PROGRESS with proven protocols and life strategies.

You already know the basics in life. You're not someone new to personal growth but you get frustrated, discouraged and plateau too often.

If you're honest and ready to grow, then like all of us you can admit you lose your focus, edge, drive, and joy too often because you're not being mentored and conditioning yourself at pro levels.

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We must MAKE IT A PRIORITY to grow again, challenge ourselves, and sculpt the lives and careers we truly desire.


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GrowthDay is the best self-improvement system and program in the world, guaranteed.

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So join us today. Progress can be yours. An extraordinary life can be yours. But you gotta care again, learn again, put in the work with us.

Please be proud that you want to change. Listen to your heart yearning for more aliveness and progress.

Listen to that striving soul inside that knows what life can be. Be excited to push and learn with people who get it and inspire you. Join us now.

- Brendon

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